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                                                        Private Line Connection

A point-to-point T1 line is a private 1.54 mbps (megabits per second) circuit between two locations. Point-to-point lines have the reputation of being the most secure data transmission available. With the maturity of MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) technology, improvements in encryption, and the ability of tier 1 providers to maintain entire MPLS networks within their closed system, some now consider MPLS as secure as point-to-point. For two location networks within a few hundred miles of each other, point-to-point quotes are often less than MPLS. Point-to-point circuits are almost never managed (equipment provided and maintained) by providers. Point-to-point quotes almost never include the routers, which are needed at each end of the circuit. For multiple location networks, MPLS is far more functional, redundant, and less expensive than a network which includes a series of point-to-point lines. With point-to-point networks; management, configuration, and maintenance are the responsibility of the customer. MPLS networks, however, are pretty much turn-key. In most cases, the complete network is setup and maintained by the provider with no charge for installation or equipment.  

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